Series 2600

Jet Sew's 2600 Series of Automatic Conveyor Hemmers offers a variety of high productivity machines for a wide rage of hemming operations. Underfold hems, cut-on and set-on centerplaits, short sleeves, cuffs, and pockets can all be sewn with consistent high quality. Numerous options and available automatic loaders allow you to configure each hemmer to fit your specific needs.

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UAN 2631D/2641D/2651D

Jet Sew's Automatic Pocket Setters provide precise and consistent quality and high productivity whether you are manufacturing jeans, woven shirts, t-shirts, medical apparel or active sportswear. The user friendly control and quick change style attachments adapt to a wide variety of pocket shapes with various tack and stitch configurations. Auto-diagnostics assist the operator in daily operation to ensure maximum up time.

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UAN 2681D/2684D

Jet Sew's Collar Machinery provides precise and consisent operation in the production of shirt collars. The user-friendly controls and quick-change style attachments provide flexibility for a wide range of collar and band shapes and sizes. The RD3003 band creaser shapes, creases and tacks the band into the desired profile. The UAN 2681D sews two material shell plies and the interlining together preparing the collar for the subsequent turn and top stitch operation. The top stitched collar and creased collar bands are then joined together with the UAN 2684D computer numerically controlled Band Stitcher. The UAN 2681D and UAN 2684D both feature auto-dianostics that proide on-screen warnings of possible irregularities that might occur during the work cycle.

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