Jet Sew continually builds machines that are unique to a customer's special needs. We have recently developed and sold the following machines that were designed for usage by various industries.

Using proven technology from our Mat Hemming Systems we have developed a Automatic Die Cutting System. The Model 4010 can cut, remove waste and stack shaped rugs from a roll in less than 5 seconds per rug. Using only one operator, the system allows more flexibility at a lower cost than large die cutters.

Our Model 2680 Pillow Closer sews the open end of a stuffed pillow. This machine eliminates the need for sewing operators after stuffing, without re-handling the pillows. This model is available with or without label applicators.

For our Model 2804 Washcloth Machine we have developed an improvement that allows binding to be sewn in under the hem on the edge. This improvement will extend the life of washcloths by keeping the whiskers from showing through. This application is most suited for institutional customers.

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